Business English – Why should you improve your English?

In today's globalized business world, it's not enough to only speak your mother tongue. English has truly become the language of business, and is now used as a "world language" or "lingua franca". English is the official language for aeronautical and maritime communications, is one of the official languages of the United Nations, the International Olympic Committee and many other international organizations. It is the most commonly-used language in the sciences, with over 95% of scientific articles written in English. In the publishing world, 28% of all books are published in English, and on the web 30% of content in 2011 was in English (50% in 2000). *

So it's no surprise that nearly every business professional has to use at least some English in his/her daily work, to communicate with business partners in other countries, to make small talk at conferences and trade fairs, or to work in international teams.

There are so many English courses, online lessons, apps and platforms available today that it is hard to know what is the best way to quickly and effectively improve your English skills. That's where a skilled professional Business English trainer can help. A good trainer can not only teach you the language skills you need, he/she can also coach you on the best methods for learning, depending on your learning type, unique needs and goals, availability, job type, and interests. Your trainer won't waste time on generalized coursebooks and boring worksheets. Instead, he/she will show you how to learn and remember specialized vocabulary, use correct grammar, give great presentations in English, socialize and make small talk with ease, write clear emails, and above all, become confident in your English ability.

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* Source: Wikipedia - English as a global language