Get more sales by increasing your confidence selling in English

Do you speak to potential clients in English?  Do you feel confident presenting your products, explaining features, negotiating contracts and closing deals in English?  Is your company losing potential sales because of a lack of English communication skills?

How you can increase your sales with better English communication skills
Language of business

English is spoken by 1.75 billion people worldwide and is the most common language used in business.

English means success

Companies who do business in English succeed in the global marketplace and leave their competitors behind.

Losing money
Lost opportunities

Many workers do not have confidence in their English ability, which leads to lost sales, frustration and stress.

Why do other methods fail to improve your English?

If you are like many salespeople, you have tried to improve your English with boring language classes or ineffective apps, but they just don’t work for you. That’s because you need a customized solution that’s created just for your needs – selling in English.

The solution: Customized sales training workshops in English

I’m Sherri Williams, a Business English consultant based in Berlin, Germany. I’ve developed a series of workshops that can take your English where you need to be in as short a time as possible.


After taking my workshops, you will be able to:

  • Establish a relationship with potential customers
  • Ask informative questions
  • Present your products or services
  • Explain product features
  • Persuade potential customers
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Close deals

…in English!

Improve your fluency
Expand your vocabulary
Increase your confidence

The benefits to you and your company:

  • Capture more international customers
  • Expand your network
  • Represent your company at trade fairs
  • Increase your sales quotas
  • Keep ahead of your competitors
  • Contribute to your company’s bottom line

If you want to get your English up to speed and see your sales quota increase quickly, contact me today!

Click the button below to schedule a 15-minute phonecall with me (in English or German) to discuss how I can help you or your team increase their sales by increasing their confidence and skill communicating in English.